Rethinking Education 

The Collins Institute for the Gifted is a new model of at-home and boarding education optimized for self-motivated young scholars who thrive when given freedom.

The Institute applies a PhD-level attitude toward knowledge acquisition to middle school and high school education through a first-principles approach.

The legacy education system was designed a few hundred years ago as a factory to mint interchangeable colonial administrators with a uniform worldview and skill set. It has only undergone iterative change since.

The Institute was designed from the ground up to motivate self-directed learning and cultivate a community of future world leaders.

How The Collins Institute Works

We do not educate; we facilitate education. 
While not for all students, we serve as a tool that helps  self-motivated learners reach new heights.

Self-Directed Learning

While our scholars choose what subject they want to study at a given time, a dynamic system is used to ensure they don't fall behind in any area. Our model facilitates self-directed learning and a sense of freedom while preventing the negative consequences associated with totally unstructured frameworks.

Focus on Real World Skills

While we offer traditional domains of study like math and history, we don't privilege them over subjects with practical application. These include skills such as sales, coding, engineering, social dynamics, emotional mastery, self-discovery of purpose, and the development of an intentional, unique identity.

Empiric Testing

Wherever possible, the Institute utilizes real-world accomplishments to measure students' progress.
For example, a student's writing score may be judged by actual online readership and interaction with their piece rather than the whims of an arbitrary authority figure. 

How we define gifted & success

We are focused on "I Will" not IQ. At the Institute, "gifted" does not refer to individuals who test well. Instead, we look for students with fire in their hearts and a desire to live life on the world stage: A combination of self-sufficiency, initiative, ambition, and a lack of contentment with the status quo. 

The Institute is designed to consistently produce the next generation of world leaders—not just send our students to top colleges. Our students are empowered to become elite movers and shakers while still at school in the domains they are most passionate about—ranging from mycology to Brazilian politics. Our goal is to have every student graduate as a “rising leader to watch.” (This is why the Institute retains a PR team.) 

The Collins Institute for the Gifted offers an adaptive boarding model in addition to its home-based program. The model allows students to join and leave as is convenient through the year—something that is possible because the boarding school group uses the same curriculum as those studying at home.
Rather than live on a static campus, scholars boarding with the Institute enjoy a model reminiscent of the Grand Tour common among aristocratic European families from the Classical and Early Romantic period (but much more affordable), visiting and living in a rotating array of different locations and cultures.

Expert Interaction

A cornerstone of the Institute's education philosophy is that the smartest, most ambitious kids are peers among best-in-class adult leaders.

  1. 1
    We maintain a network of leaders in various domains who are eager to collaborate with our students on projects, ranging from peer-reviewed research to the launch of new nonprofits.
  2. 2
    When a student's interests do not overlap with one of our community's existing experts, we work with the student to learn how to identify and contact world-class experts. 
  3. 3
    As students become experts themselves, they will undertake greater responsibilities, becoming our peers in the educational process by tutoring others and building new courses.

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About our founding team

Simone and Malcolm Collins have operated companies on five continents that collectively pulled in seventy million dollars annually, raised a PE fund, directed strategy at top, early-stage VC firms, written three bestselling books, and earned degrees in neuroscience, business, and technology policy from St. Andrews, Stanford, and Cambridge. 

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