The Grand Tour with The collins institute

Homeschool vs. Worldschool

While the majority of our scholars study from home, we also offer a "boarding" option, with the inaugural boarding class starting fall 2023.
Unlike traditional boarding schools, The Institute's boarding model does not rely on a single campus. Instead, it takes inspiration from the historic model of the "Grand Tour" with scholars traveling around the world as a group, embedding themselves in a variety of cultures, contexts, and environments.
When we do eventually open an in-person school, it will be a community-focused alternative to this boarding model.


The majority of our scholars study from their guardians' homes.
The Collins Institute for the Gifted is a "homeschool first" experience.


Boarding students travel the word as a group, completing the same curriculum as homeschooled students.

Adaptive Schooling

Homeschool students can join and leave the worldschool group as is convenient throughout the year, enjoying a hybrid experience.

Adaptive Boarding

The Collins Institute's boarding model allows for students to join and leave as is convenient for their guardians without impacting learning goals.
For example, if a single mom is deployed on site for a few months, her student can come stay with the boarding group during that period, then return to schooling at home when she returns. 

Same curriculum; different places

When Home Isn't Ideal

The Collins Institute's worldschool boarding model was created for young scholars whose home environments inhibit their learning goals. 

Our boarding students not only utilize the same curriculum as our home students, but also share the same online social groups and meet with them when traveling through their regions.  

Language Immersion

One advantage boarding students have is the ability to join our language immersion opportunities. During language immersion periods, the group will stay in a country or community where only the target language is spoken and students are only allowed to communicate in that target language.  

Throughout the experience, students will receive focused language training if they chose. 

Lifestyle Immersion

Some of the Institute's boarding destinations offer lifestyle immersion opportunities, ranging from farms to historic reenactments.

We prioritize experiences of interest to students, in some instances getting them involved in the site selection, planning, and negotiation process.

Nutrition & Self-Care

Unlike traditional boarding schools, we do not have a cafeteria—in fact, we do not even cook the food.

The Collins Institute is built around radical independence, so while we monitor our students to ensure they are staying healthy and surround them with healthy defaults (nutritious food, regular exercise, conscientious habits), they are largely responsible for learning to care for themselves.