Joining the School vs.
Joining the Accelerator

As of fall 2022, we are launching our inaugural class at The Institute. Our full-time school represents a full time educational pedagogy and is an alternative to traditional high school and middle school. While the 2022 class is remote only, the 2023 class will have a boarding option.

Traditionally we have only offered accelerator services. These are the same services we are contracted to provide for the Schmidt Futures Act 2 Network, an initiative designed to maximize the impact of exceptional professionals' careers. Through our accelerator work, we help connect exceptional middle and high school students with experts in their areas of interest to do real-world projects. This service will be shut down and rolled into our full-time school after 2023.

What is the application process like? 

While the The Institute only accepts the best of the best, it does not care about previous grades and does not preform any tests on potential applicants.

We do not select for IQ;

We select for "I Will"

Step 1: The Interview and Statement of Purpose

In the first step of the admissions process, applicants speak with us and write a "statement of purpose."

This statement of purpose may be a more traditional essay on "what matters most to me and why," but can also be more creative, such as a step-by-step life plan, a metaphysical musing on why they exist or their purpose in the universe, or a personal "instruction manual." Reviewing this assessment, we evaluate not only the student's command of language, but also their self awareness and presentation (e.g. Whether the statement is merely presented on sheet of paper like a traditional essay). 

Step 2: The Project Proposal

Candidates who pass the first round will be invited to submit a project proposal. This proposal can be whatever the student wishes and will be graded on its ambition, creativity, gumption, and feasibility (i.e. Does the student have a realistic understanding of their ability and current limits?). It will be submitted along with a timeline for completion and specific KPIs for how success of said project will be determined. The strength of the project will be assessed by the Institute as well as other round-two candidates.

Step 3: The Project Assessment

If a student's project is deemed ambitious enough, they are given a preliminary acceptance with the full acceptance granted upon the project's completion. While it is possible to not technically achieve all of one's project milestones and still be admitted, successful project completion is nevertheless granted significant weight.